'We should have done this 10 years ago' {Candid Family Portraits in Alexandria, VA}

One of the first things that this family told me was: 'We should have taken family portraits 10 years ago. Now our daughter will be off to college soon and it feels as though time just slips away'

Well, M Family, I am glad you decided to do your family portraits - now or 10 years ago - does not really matter as long as you do it! I KNOW you will cherish these forever and that is always worth it! 

I had a moment last night with my kids where I laid on their beds with them reading books during our bedtime routine. And my 3 year old walked over to her 6 year old brother to say goodnight and give him a kiss...I was just thinking to myself that in only a few years he will not allow her to do that anymore and she probably won't even want to do it in the first place...it made me giggle at first but then I became a little sad...

Time flies and we cannot change that. We can only try to live in the moment and hold on to whatever little memory we can. 

Taking family photos will help capture those fleeting moments - no matter if they happen when your kids are little or when they are a year away from going to college. 

M Family, please enjoy your preview! 

DC Twins {20 month twin session in Washington, DC}

These little cuties came to see me the first time when they were only 10 months old...oh my have they grown since! 

We met downtown Washington for a fun session including bubbles, books, blankets and monkeys :) 

L family, I hope you enjoy these images that we captured that morning. I cannot get enough of their little faces! 

Beautiful Winter Colors on a Cold day {Waldorf, MD candid family Photography by Fotos by Nadine}

This session has been planned and rescheduled 3 different times....and because everything happens for a reason we ended up shooting on this gorgeous winter day! 

The Make up Session

We start each family session off with an amazing pampering make up session for mom - it really is one of my favorite parts - we get to talk while she gets pretty and can relax - it's a great time for all! Gorgeous make up and hairstyling was done by Naowshaba Ferdous (instragram: @girltimebeauty)


Moving on to the first part of the session - inside the home and in some formal wardrobe! 

beautiful family session in St Charles MD Waldorf MD

Little man showed me some dance moves too :)
Then we moved outside - it was a beautiful sun filled winter day and all we had to do was walk down the street to a gorgeous field! I just LOVE the colors! 

candid family session in Waldorf MD
beautiful evening session in waldorf MD

I had such an amazing time with this cute little family! xoxo, Nadine 

Carrying on a tradition in Old Town {Alexandria, VA Family Photographer Fotos by Nadine}

This beautiful family came to me through an amazing event that I photographed a few weeks ago - Rock Paper Cocktails, a benefit event to raise money and awareness for women's cancer. Vicky generously purchased her session at the auction to help the fundraiser. 

We were able to align our schedules pretty quickly so that these images are ready to go for the holidays ;) This family has been taking their photos of the last few years in Old Town and love it so much that we carried on that tradition - it is a beautiful spot!

It was a gorgeous day but also one of the coldest so far in this fall of 2014 - luckily the two boys were in an excellent mood to play around and race with me ;) We had a great time! 

Thanks again to Tyra Richardson for an outstanding job on mom's make up - you are amazing! 

Windy DC {Washington DC Family Photographer - Fotos by Nadine}

This session finally happened...after we had to reschedule it from the Spring into the Fall it was almost not going to take place again....the weather forecast was rainy, cold and windy. 

family session in washington

Well I am SO glad we ended up braving the weather because THIS is the outcome and it was so worth it!!! 

beautiful family session in washington dc

It was cold but all these wonderful kids were in such a great mood and ready to be goofy just for me and my camera! 

gorgeous family session by fotos by nadine in front of lincoln memorial

Amazing Make up on Mom was done by Tyra Richardson.

family session in washington dc on a fall day